What is Universal Knowledge?

What is Universal Knowledge?
When you are reading something for the first time, but it has that certain “ring of truth” to it, your thought says: “Oh I already knew that”. That is the thought and feeling of the universal knowledge that you already have within, yet within this knowledge at its purest form it steams from nowhere because this knowledge is the only true you. It is within the Being-ness that this pure untouched knowledge arises in its clearest form. I wrote an article about the “The State of Being & Who We Really Are” in which explains this in comprehensible terms.

Once you get used to this “knowingness” then it becomes not as obvious. It is always there, but this universal knowledge only reveals itself when an opportunity shows up. In other words, to access it you need a reason for the answers to come to you. Just like, you have no use for your math skills unless a math problem shows up. As a result, instead of searching for answers to the questions you have about life, you are now searching for questions to answer.

The ironic thing is that you can choose which direction you rather take because the universal knowledge is within you too. You do not have to have an ‘enlightened’ experience to gain access to this knowledge.

It Only Takes Two Steps:
1. You just have to know you have this universal knowledge already.

2. Find a universal question to life that you always wanted to know and answer it as if you already know the answer. You will feel as if you are making it up at first, but if you trust yourself, then you will notice that it has a “ringing truth” to it and when you share it with others, they will also find a familiarity in your answer.
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